Outdoor & Indoor Beanbags

Big Tomato offers a comprehensive range of outdoor and indoor beanbags that come in all shapes and sizes. The choice of more than six (6) bold and vibrant colours adds excitement and blends wonderfully into any living space, catering to everyone, both young or old.

The specially imported polyester material is water resistant offering highest quality and easy maintenance while the PU leather and fabric material are soft and comfortable.


Dry quickly
Easy to clean
Easy to fill the beans
Easy to store and stock
Flashy, bright colours
Functional and decorative
Fun design
Water resistant

Beanbags -The Daddy Cool

The Daddy Cool

Beanbags - Mama Turnip

Mama Turnip

Beanbags - The Big Mama

The Big Mama

Beanbags - Sassy Sis

Sassy Sis

Beanbags - The Magic Long Bean

The Magic Long Bean

Beanbags - Billy the Big

Billy the Big

Beanbags - Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

Beanbags - Mr Snuggles

Mr Snuggles

Beanbags - Mrs Honey Pouch

Mrs Honey Pouch

Beanbags - Soft & Cozie

Soft & Cozie